The key to trust and serenity La llave a la confianza y a la serenidad
     The key to trust and serenityLa llave a la confianza y a la serenidad



The Gestalt Therapy is a therapy that aims fulfillment and growth, in addition to helping the person to overcome symptoms of letting them become more fully and creatively alive and free from the blocks and unfinished issues that diminish optimum satisfaction.



It is thus humanistic psychology, which is characterized by not being focused exclusively on treating illness and psychopathology, but also to develop human potential.



Unlike other approaches, Gestalt therapy focuses more on process. It puts emphasis on what is happening, thinking and feeling at the time, over what was, might have been, could be or should be happening.



The person learns to become aware of what they feel and do. This develops their ability to accept and to experience the "here and now" without much interference from the answers posted in the past.