The key to trust and serenity La llave a la confianza y a la serenidad
     The key to trust and serenityLa llave a la confianza y a la serenidad

HSP : Highly Sensitive Person




They shut me down with

a thousand locks,

but they forget that I am

the key.

( J. Narosky )

 HSP : High Sensitive Personality 


The following text is not to label people, it is only a description of what happens to a highly sensitive person. It allows you to understand what is going on if you are a highly sensitive person or it helps you to understand if you have someone highly sensitive close to you.




" The highly sensitive person (HSP ) has a very sensitive nervous system, is aware of the subtleties of what surrounds him, and is more easily overwhelmed in a highly stimulating environment. " (Source: E. Aron / ) .

Founder Elaine Aron sees high sensitivity not as a disease or disorder. " HSP have a nervous system that is more sensitive to stimuli than average and that in itself is a neutral feature [ ... ] with its advantages and disadvantages. " An example of the advantages: it can be useful if you're able to feel certain moods or unspoken messages. But great sensitivity can also quickly lead to overstimulation, fatigue and even a feeling of exhaustion. According to Aron it’s not considered ideal in our culture if you are highly sensitive.



An HSPerson is constantly working with "connections" or "links" between things. The "why? " is always present . Therefore, HSPeople are profound, and quickly see what is needed or what someone needs, are sensitive to the environment, etc. This is the power of a very sensitive person, both at home and at work. To see it as a strength, as an extra power, in these times, the HSP should be careful with the amount of information coming at him and make time and space to process the amount of information . We call this incentive management .



Concepts such as high sensitivity have especially value on initial recognition of the therapy. Being recognized provides a sense of comfort, of being understood. People attending the consultation experience especially the burden of being sensitive in their daily lives. The HSP's are not particularly good at demonstrating their sensitivity. Some are rather dry or rough, an attitude they use as their defense. We're talking about facades, masks. They’d do anything to soften the overwhelming impulses. Sensitivity is only hard when you realize that the defense does not work, and you see thatthere's nothing left over of you.


It is not changing yourself that matters, but functioning in a more harmonious way, accepting who we are.


The change occurs when we become what we are and not when we try to be anything else.




In therapy we provide support, momentum and accompaniment in the process to function more harmoniously, not so much to be a better or different person , but to be more authentic.




I am a highly sensitive person and I accompany others from my personal experience and knowledge of psychotherapy. I like to help other highly sensitive people with my experience and knowledge, as well as it gratifies me to help someone close to a highly sensitive person.