The key to trust and serenity La llave a la confianza y a la serenidad
     The key to trust and serenityLa llave a la confianza y a la serenidad

Intervention areas


Relationship problems,

problems at work, burnout

sleep problems,

personal problems,

anxiety, stress, guilt, fear,



personal growth and development,

search for the meaning of life,



problems with breathing, hyperventilation,

migraine headaches, stomach problems, body aches,

constipation, obesity, metabolic problems, food problems,

BED (BingeEatingDisorder), Anorexia, Bulimia,

problems related to stress or strain,

post traumatic stress, postpartum stress,

feeling restless, anxiety,

low self-esteem, negative self-image,

depression, seasonal depression,

dependence, alcohol dependence / drug / medication


mobbing, stalking, bullying

anxiety disorders, panic disorder, agoraphobia,

concentration problems, identity issues,

relational problems,

sexual problems,

personality disorders, obsessive disorders, OCD,

psychosomatic disorders,


addiction related problems , stop smoking, phobias, compulsive gambling




Quote: “Some of the indications for which has been tested gestalt psychotherapy have been successfully treating different types of neurosis, borderline disorder, narcissistic personality disorder, pathological bereavement, depression, chronic fatigue, certain forms of psychosis etc. “

( Stephanie del Barrio Ebrat . Physician and Specialist in Psychiatry . Gestalt Psychotherapist)