The key to trust and serenity La llave a la confianza y a la serenidad
     The key to trust and serenityLa llave a la confianza y a la serenidad

Allow me to introduce myself



Kristin Ketelslegers   Humanist Therapist 




Since my childhood I'm fascinated by understanding the human mind and body, and I'm enchanted by art and music. 


I'm trained in Gestalt Psychotherapy, Physiotherapy, Manual Therapy, music and drawing.







Thanks to my personal and professional experience, I understand the importance of personal development that helps and enriches the field of working life and private life.



Formed in Gestalt Psychotherapy in Madrid, currently working in individual therapy and couples.

Expert in Highly Sensitive People. 

Trained in the Enneagram in the Center Eleusis Madrid

Trained in Quadrinity Hoffman Process

Bachelor of Physiotherapy at KUL Leuven, Belgium

Master in Medical Science Manual Therapy, Brussels VUB


Nr 3232. member of the Spanish Association of gestalt therapy.